High Pressure Spectroscopy

The laboratory specializes in characterization by optical spectroscopy methods and the study of photoconductivity of luminescent materials at high hydrostatic pressure up to 40GPa generated by diamond anvill cell (DAC).

High-pressure spectroscopy includes luminescence spectra, time-resolved luminescence spectra, luminescence decays, Raman spectra, luminescence excitation spectra, and photocurrent measurements.

All measurements can be performed as a function of temperature in the range from 10 to 400 K.

The laboratory is equipped with specialized instrumentation and analytical infrastructure, which includes:

  • The Merril-Basset type diamond anvill cells (DAC-s)
  • The OmniDAC Gas Membrane Driven DAC with the Diacell® GM Controller containing valves, couplings, pressure measurement and digital display modules
  • The Diacell® CryoDAC-Nitro Gas Membrane-Driven Cell for Low-Temp. Applications
  • The PL 2143 A/SS laser and the PG 401/SH parametric optical generator. This system can generate 30 ps laser pulses, with a frequency of 10 Hz with wavelengths ranging from 220 to 2200 nm. The emission signal is analyzed by a Bruker Optics 2501S spectrometer and a Hamamatsu Streak Camera model C4334-01 with a final spectral resolution of 0.47 nm and a possible time range from 1ns to 10ms.
  • The LabRAM ARAMIS – Raman Microscope by HORIBA Scientific. Confocal Raman Microspectrometry Imaging.

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